VCOPS Legislative Initiatives that are NOW the Law.

Spouse of Law Enforcement Officer killed in the line of duty is exempt from personal property taxes - 2016
HB 3117 Criminal Justice Services Board: Added active-duty law enforcement officer to the Board's Committee on Training - 2007
SB1166 retirement (VRS) ; Increased the multiplier to 1.85% -2007
SB 873 Law-enforcement employees; overtime compensation. 2005
SB 988 - Criminal Justice Services Board; increase of members. 2005
HB 2130 Law-enforcement officers; certain allowed to purchase service handgun 2005
HB757----Infectious Diseases Presumption 2005
HB 2700 Workers' compensation; enhanced coverage for first responders during state of emergency. 2005
Workers'  compensation; infectious disease presumption. Creates a presumption  that hepatitis, meningococcal meningitis, tuberculosis or HIV causing  the death or disability of firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical  technicians, members of the State Police Officers' Retirement System,  members of county, city or town police departments, sheriffs and deputy  sheriffs, city sergeants or deputy city sergeants of the City of  Richmond, Virginia Marine Patrol officers, certain game wardens, and  Capitol Police officers who are exposed to blood or body fluids are  occupational diseases for the purposes of workers' compensation. The  presumptions shall apply only if persons entitled to invoke them have,  if requested, undergone pre-employment physical examinations, and the  presumptions shall be effective until six months following the  examinations 2002

HB50 ---- Include WMATA in Heart Hypertension
Workers'  compensation; occupational disease presumption; police officers of  Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Establishes a presumption  that hypertension or heart disease causing the death or disability of an  officer of the police department established and maintained by the  Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is an occupational disease  compensable under the Workers' Compensation Act. This presumption  applies only for periods that the Authority voluntarily subjects itself  to the provisions of the Workers' Compensation Act. 2002

HB 814 ---Labor unions; abstention requirement
Labor  unions; abstention requirement. Prohibits employers from requiring a  person to abstain or refrain from holding office in a labor union or  labor organization as a condition of gaining or continuing employment.  2002

HB 1944 --Retaliation--Local grievance procedure.  
Text of VCOPS Legislative Handout for HB 1944
Summary as introduced:
Local  grievance procedure. Clarifies that an act of retaliation includes  increasing the penalty that the employee has grieved at any time after  the employee initiates, uses, or participates in the grievance  procedure. Also, in discipline cases, no increase in penalty above that  initially imposed shall be added at any higher level. --2001
HB 2778 Line of Duty Act; inclusion of police chaplains.
Line  of Duty Act; inclusion of police chaplains. Adds police chaplains to  the coverage provided under the Line of Duty Act. --2001

SB 843 Retirement System; partial lump-sum payment option. Establishes  lump-sum payment options for the payment of retirement allowances to  eligible retiring members. A member who has satisfied the requirements  for normal retirement or who has remained in service for at least three  years after the date he was first eligible for an unreduced service  retirement allowance may elect to receive a lump-sum distribution up to  thirty-six times the monthly amount of his service retirement  allowance.-- 2001

The analysis of any polygraph test charts  produced during any polygraph examination administered to a party or  witness shall not be submitted, referenced, referred to, offered or  presented in any manner in any proceeding conducted pursuant to Chapter  10.01 (§ 2.1-116.01 et seq.) of Title 2.1 or conducted by any county,  city or town except as to disciplinary or other actions taken against a  polygrapher. - 2000

Fugitives must pay the costs of their extradition-1999

Agency Cooperation Act extended to All Virginia agencies - 1998

Salary Increases for Sheriffs and their deputies
15.2-1605.2 - 1997

Assault on Law Enforcement is now a Felony - 1997

1000 more officers added to Virginia's streets - 1997

Funding of Regional Police Academies increased -1997

Agency Cooperation Act (Social Services)- 1996

Whistle Blower protection added to Grievance Rights - 1996

Off-duty injuries added to Workers Comp - 1996

Attack on the Heart/Hypertension Presumption defeated... 1996 & 1997

Death Benefit for on-duty death increased - 1995

Polygraph Protection Act - 1994

Communicable Diseases Disclosure - 1994

DMV stopped from selling your Driver License Information -1994



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